Mahjong Online: Free Play At Non-deposit

Slot Features
  • Mobile: Yes
  • Launch Date: 2011
  • Software: EvoPlay
  • Slot Type: Video Mahjong
  • Reels: 5
  • Minimum Bet: 0.01
  • Maximum Bet: 1

The Mahjong Solitaire has been famous and spread widely among Asian territories, especially Eastern and Southern Asia. Nevertheless, the remaining of worldwide players have been starting to discover mahjong for quite a while now, and its popularity has quickly increased among other continents recently.

  • There are 144 tiles in Mahjong.
  • A variety of images can be found on the tiles: seasons, flowers, numbers.
  • You have to match the open pairs of the tiles that are alike and put them aside.
  • Gamers are unable to see the tiles hidden below others.
  • Each image on the tiles can be seen 4 times.
  • Every tile can be found 4 times.
  • When no pairs are left, Free Mahjong ends.
  • The player can restart the round clicking the button ‘Shuffle’.
  • In the original Mahjong 4 players take part in a gameplay.
  • This game is also known under such names as electronic or computerized Mahjong, Shanghai Solitaire, Solitaire Mahjong.
  • Brodie Lockard invented Mahjong online in 1981.
  • Activision’s release for Macintosh, Apple IIgs and the Amiga Computer helped the game of Mahjong gain traction in 1986.
  • Mahjong of the Old Times is difficult to understand.
Slot Screenshots

 Free online Mahjong gameplay and rules

If this is your first time playing Mahjong, the multitude of numbers, symbols and boxes displayed on the same screen at the same time might get you a bit confused. Nevertheless, don’t let this discourage or distract you! In its essence, Mahjong is quite a complex game, relying mostly on each Player’s strategy, but its rules are fairly clear and easy to learn. Keep in mind that free mahjong does not need a first deposit, thus you can spend as much time as you need learning the Mahjong gameplay and practicing. The ultimate goal would be clearing all the Mahjong tiles and you can achieve this by creating pairs and matching them. A total of 72 pairs and 144 tiles will turn Mahjong into a possibly long adventure for most players, as only one pair can be cleared at a time. One of the most realistic aspects of free Online Mahjong is the aspect of the tiles, which much like in real life, are made of bamboo and bones. Each symbol falls under one of the following categories:

  • Characters
  • Dragons
  • Circles
  • Bamboo
  • Seasons
  • Winds
  • Flowers

When all tiles paired, players can shuffle them up to a maximum of 5 times. Mahjong will pause when players have finished pairing and shuffling. A very interesting fact would be that your gameplay might be affected if all tiles are paired from the start, as this will leave you no further matching possibilities later on.

The actual game’s name is attributed to Confucius and dates somewhere along the lines of 500 BC.
The famous philosopher had a real passion for birds, and it seems he named the game after one of his favourites, the Sparrow that is the English translation for Mahjong. Whether it is true or mostly a myth, Mahjong does originate from one of the most profound and disciplined Chinese dynasties and learning its strategies might have actual translations in real life as well.

The Mahjong online graphics and design

The game is displayed in a simple and understandable manner, with all essential buttons at easy reach. Checking the paytable menu before actually engaging would be highly recommended because having a full notion of the games matching and pairing possibilities might help you find the best and most productive strategy towards great results and winnings.

Free online Mahjong final thoughts and conclusions

We would highly encourage you to give this online slot a try, as the numerous possibilities to combine the elements of the game will constitute and an extra winning chance for any experienced player. New Mahjong players can learn and give it a try online for free, only to switch to real money play later on after mastering its techniques. All in all, apart from a great deal of fun and intellectual exercise, Mahjong is also a real solid way to amazing results and winnings.

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