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How to Beat a Fruit Machine – Strategies and Tips

If you’re looking for a simple, easy way of how to beat a fruit machine then this article should provide you with some information that will be helpful. There are two ways that you can get the win you desire when playing a fruit machine, you can use your guts and try to manipulate the machine, or you can use an illegal device known as a key logger. Either method will work, it’s just up to which one you prefer.

Now before I go any further I want to clear something up, a key logger or keylogger does not make you a winner, nor does it cause any damage to the fruit machine. It simply records what is on the keys you are using to play the machine. The information that you can receive from a key logger includes such information as whether it is spin, stop, dollar amount, line spin rate, the direction the ball is traveling etc. This information is all kept in a secret database and never seen by the fruit-machine company, which means no one will ever know you have been trying to beat the machine. Although they will lose money from you and probably charge you a few cents too!

Ok, so now that we’ve cleared that up lets move onto how to beat a fruit machine. The first step is to find a good, legal arcade to visit. These places are usually found online and in small towns all over the United States. Once you have found one you like the next step is to find the best time to visit. This will depend mostly on where you live but in most cases you’ll find the machines are only active at certain times of the day.

When you go to visit the machine, always look around the machine. Does it look like it’s been left running for too long? Is there a lot of dirt on the floor around the machine? If the machine isn’t too full yet, then maybe you’ll be able to walk right up to it and tap on it. Some machines will beep or make a squealing noise to let you know it’s about to run out of quarters.

Another good method for learning how to beat a fruit machine is to use objects inside and around the machine. You can get inside the machine and tap on the screen to signal to the machine to stop, or use something else. Try sticking pins into the wall and watching what happens. You might be able to win a prize while you’re trying things like this.

If you still aren’t sure how to beat a fruit machine, try walking into the machine while it’s running. Watch what happens. Some machines will pay out a prize even if you don’t win any coins. If this happens to you, just jump off and go find another machine to play on. If the machine you’re playing with pays out real prizes, though, then it’s best to play it at a time when there are more prizes to chance your luck on.

If none of the methods described above seems to work, then you may have to study up on fruit machine history and how to figure out which are the best times to play. There are several different sites that have this information. One even offers a downloadable e-book that goes over each of the methods in great detail. You may even get ideas for new ways to cheat the system. However, it’s best to learn these tricks with an actual live person to tell you if you’re doing it correctly.

If you want to learn how to beat a fruit machine, then odds are you want to win. So you should always keep trying new methods. Just don’t stop trying until you have finally won your prize. Of course, it won’t be a real prize if you’re losing. That’s why it’s so important to stay motivated all the way through.

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