Check Out the Best Character Building International School in Jakarta, Global Sevilla

There are so many International Schools located in Jakarta. One of the top schools is Global Sevilla. This school offers a positive learning environment and uses the best approach to teach students so that they become good achievers that can thrive emotionally and socially. Here is further information about Global Sevilla.

Location of Global Sevilla Jakarta

This school has two main campuses which were built at different locations. One is in east Jakarta, while the other is in West Jakarta. Having the two separate makes it easier for parents and children to find the nearest location from home. The first campus in East Jakarta is at Pulo Campus. While the second one in West Jakarta is at Kembangan Raya.

The International Schools’ Mission

Global Sevilla’s mission is to be one of the best International schools and acknowledged reputation in character, teaching, and learning. From an early age, students are expected to learn the important values of compassion and respect. The goal is to nurture and guide students with character building. The school reinforces students with positive values.

Positive values, such as character building, is meant to allow each student to believe in themselves that they are unique, know themselves better, and recognize their strengths, weaknesses, interest, potential, and values to help them to go through life. This value is important to grow compassion and respect for others in students.

The International School’s Important Values

Global Sevilla focuses on three crucial values which are giving, compassion, and self-control. These values have already become the soul of the community. In giving, students generate happiness by giving. In compassion, students from an early age learn to help others. In self-control, students can overcome problems using their logic and wits.

The International School’s Pledge

This International School in Jakarta focuses on students’ safety in learning. They have the right to have a good education. It means that they have the right to make their own decision in life. To provide the safest place, Global Sevilla School has a peace zone with no tolerance for any kind of abuse, such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, alcohol, etc.

The International School’s Outstanding Academics

Global Sevilla Jakarta uses a personalized approach in the learning process to meet individual goals. Besides, this school has various activities applied in the classroom, such as in groups, in pairs, and as a whole class. From those activities, students will not only be high achievers, but they also learn about respect, morality, resilience, adaptability, cooperation, and thoughtfulness.

The International School’s High-Quality Facilities

As the best international school in Indonesia, Global Sevilla always ensures that students are supported in their learning activities. To ensure it, this particular school offers various facilities to develop its full potential. Many different laboratories can be found from art to science. Besides, the school has many outdoor and indoor facilities, such as a gym, mini soccer field, etc.

Now, you know what Global Sevilla offers as the best International School in Jakarta. This school offers a positive and supportive learning activity daily by providing them with facilities, a mindful-based approach, and three crucial values so that they can be good at academics and evolve socially and emotionally. If you are interested, you can visit the nearest location.