Guide to Small Business SEO

We all use search engines to find products and services online. Your customers included. Wouldn’t it be great if your website came up when people searched for a product or service like yours?

That’s the basic goal of SEO: to make your website more visible in online search engines (like Google) so you get more visitors.

What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It includes all the work you do to make your site show up in search engines to attract more visitors. The most important areas of SEO are keyword research, optimizing your content, and collecting incoming links.

To achieve that, you need to tweak and update your site’s content so it’s easy for Google to understand. In this article, we introduce you to the basics of SEO, and show you where to start with your own website:

Why is SEO great for small businesses?
The difference between SEO and SEA
How does SEO work?
How to get started with SEO
E-A-T makes the difference
Keep track of your ranking
SEO Checklist
Why is SEO great for small businesses?
As a small business owner, you have a few specific advantages over the big corporations that will help you get even more benefit from SEO.

Small businesses are more specific
A small business is usually more focussed on one thing, which is great for search engines because they want to provide their users with the most relevant results. You can make your SEO more effective by choosing keywords that specifically describe your unique selling point.

“gluten-free bakery” instead of “bakery”
“burnout coach” instead of “coach”
“wedding photographer” instead of “photographer”
This helps you attract visitors who are specifically looking for products or services only you can deliver.

Small businesses know their customers better
Customer feedback goes straight to you, so you know very well what information is relevant and useful for potential customers. You hear how people enjoyed their last purchase, and you hear what they ask about before they buy. Use that knowledge to make your page more helpful and informative.

If you notice people asking if the coffee beans you roast are certified organic, mention it on your website. That is exactly the type of information you want search engines to know about your business! The next time someone searches for organic coffee beans, your site will likely be ranked higher.

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