Find the Best Domain for Your Website

Find the Best Domain for Your Website

In most cases, if you want to visit the website of a well-known brand, you simply enter the name in your address bar and add “.com.” Then with one click, you’re there.

We just assume that we’ll reach our destination that way. And that’s exactly what you can take advantage of as a website owner! With a cleverly chosen domain, you can make sure that you reach even more visitors. We show you how it works.

Consider whether you want to target visitors in your country or are you interested in an international audience? Always choose a domain ending that works for your audience. If you’re targeting visitors in the U.S., that would mean choosing a domain with a “.us” extension. In the United Kingdom “” is the standard and for India “.in.”

If you want to appeal internationally, then a “.com” ending is still the right choice! This also applies to multilingual websites.

How to find the right URL
Determine the purpose of your website. Are you creating a business website, blog or is it a site for your hobby? The key to finding a suitable web address for your site is having a clear idea of what type of website you want and what search terms visitors will use to find it.


The company website
Your company name should, of course, appear in the domain for your company. This is how visitors can directly recognize your “brand.” It’s not just important for visitors but also a crucial criterion for Google.

If you have a long company name it’s worth considering an abbreviation that you could use. This usually works very well. Especially as they look better than company names. It’s important in any case that the domain is easy to remember and spell.

Local projects
Are you a photographer based in a specific region? Or writing a travel blog about South America? Maybe you market organic apple juice from your area? In these cases, it makes sense to include the region or city in your domain name. As a rule of thumb, if a regional reference is part of your business model, it can contribute to the success of your domain.

If you’re a wedding photographer from Texas, a general domain such as doesn’t tell the visitor much. However, the web address increases the recognition value, automatically addressing the regional target group and is rated well by Google.

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