Best Ways Responsible Tech Can Change Lives and Business

Best Ways Responsible Tech Can Change Lives and Business

What if we could turn the proverbial tables and use AI and other new technologies to help us become more inclusive? What if we could use technology to democratize access to information and reimagine how work gets done? I think it would help businesses become more human-centered, trust-based and sustainable.
When used responsibly, new intelligent technologies can be enormously valuable to businesses and people, as explained in the new book Radically Human: How New Technology is Transforming Business and Shaping Our Future by Paul Daugherty and H. James Wilson. I’m inspired by the authors’ argument that emerging technologies can make life better for workers and society. I truly believe that responsible tech can enable humans to do what we do best: be creative, collaborative and innovative.

Ideas for a Radically Human future

4 opportunities to create radically human experiences
Going forward, we will need to diversify the workforce in tech, democratize access to intelligent technologies, and offer digital learning opportunities widely. Here’s how we can begin:

  1. Unlock human ingenuity with radically human AI
    AI systems impact millions of people from all backgrounds and are allowing us to use our genius for problem solving, collaboration and creativity. I see it happening with clients and partners, such as Pipeline Equity, a Denver-based startup. They use AI to increase financial performance by closing the gender equity gap. Their proprietary Pipeline Score® and technical AI platform help businesses quickly identify internal areas of unconscious bias to make gender equity actionable and attainable. Another example is also the work of Pymetrics, a Manhattan-based AI startup. They developed and open-sourced a tool to detect bias in hiring in order to correct it.
  2. Offer wide access to intelligent technologies to boost innovation
    Care for your people and, in return, they will apply their imagination and ingenuity for the company. To unlock their people’s full potential, leading companies will have to democratize access to intelligent technologies and human capabilities across all levels of the organization. When people have access to powerful technology and know how to use it—for example to automate part of their jobs—then they can focus their creativity on unlocking innovation by accelerating digital transformation. Leading companies such as Google and Schneider Electric have tried this approach successfully.

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