Excessive faculty scholar approximately to begin journeying faculties

Excessive faculty scholar approximately to begin journeying faculties

I’m pleased for you. Visiting university campuses is absolutely one of the maximum a laugh elements of the university search—and to be honest, it’s in all likelihood the maximum helpful. There’s not anything higher than experiencing every university campus firsthand that will help you determine at the faculty you need to attend.

But I recognise making plans those visits can sense overwhelming, particularly in case you’re now no longer positive wherein to begin or what to expect. That’s why you want a step-with the aid of using-step plan for what to do earlier than, for the duration of and after every university go to.

Not simplest will this plan assist you control your stress (you’ve were given loads to reflect onconsideration on proper now), however it’ll additionally assist you get the maximum from your enjoy so that you can pick the university that’s proper for you.

When Should You Start College Visits?
Best-case scenario: You begin journeying faculties for the duration of your junior yr of excessive faculty. I commonly inform college students to spend a while narrowing down their listing of faculties to simply 3 to 5 faculties they’re clearly critical approximately, after which plan to go to as a minimum 3 of these faculties for the duration of the autumn of junior yr.

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There’s no rule that announces you could’t begin journeying faculties earlier than your junior yr. And in case you’re already a senior and also have faculties to go to, don’t worry. You would possibly must accelerate the excursion method or test out fewer faculties than you at the start planned, however you could nevertheless get it achieved in time to make your very last preference and shop sufficient to cowl lessons.

Now, you is probably wondering, Kristina, I’m in excessive faculty. I actually have the ACT, grades, extracurriculars and striking out with my buddies to reflect onconsideration on. How am I intended to plot university visits on pinnacle of all my different responsibilities?

Listen, I recognise wherein you’re coming from. And that’s why I’m sharing this plan with y’all—due to the fact it’s definitely now no longer as complex as you would possibly think!

How to Prep for a College Visit
After you’ve narrowed down your listing of dream faculties—and earlier than you do some thing else—I need you to invite yourself: Could I definitely manage to pay for to visit those faculties with out disposing of scholar loans? Yes, that is your hazard to dream huge and get excited! But I don’t need you losing money and time journeying (or risking falling in love with) a faculty that’s manner from your budget.

There’s usually a hazard you could get monetary aid, and that’s tremendous news. But in case you recognise you won’t be capable of cowl lessons for an Ivy League faculty regardless of scholarships and grants, don’t go to the campus. Seriously—there’s no want to. You is probably tempted with the aid of using their ultra-modern dorms and bougie eating corridor options, however those fancy functions aren’t really well worth sacrificing your monetary future.

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